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We've answered your most frequently asked Sunsett.io questions, to help your business grow.

Getting Started

How do I find the Sunsett.io app?

Navigate to "Launch App" in to right hand corner of sunsett.io. Select the "Get Started | Pick Your Plan" button or sign-up and login to account at app.sunsett.io.

How do I create a new account?

How do I create a new workspace?

How does the Sunsett.io 7-day trial work?

How do I manage my Workspace Dashboard?

What are the different user roles?

Managing my Account

How do I change my email notification preferences?

a. To change your Sunsett email notifications: Profile (Image) > Account Settings > Notifications. Select your preferred email progress digest frequency from the drop down menu and preferred email notification type.

b. Sunsett email notification options: By workspace, weekly, monthly, "when a project is created", "when a project is completed", "when a goal target benchmark is hit."

How do I change my profile settings?

How do I add more collaborators to my plan?

What is the cancellation policy?

How do I update my Workspace settings?

Creating Projects

What is a project in Sunsett.io?

a. Sunsett projects allows you to review multiple data sets tied to a specific event, conversion or volume goal for your team or your individual business.

b. Within the Projects tab, you'll have the ability to align an individual data source goal with a project.

c. To review project progress: Click into, expand and collapse goals created within your project. d. From the reports view of projects review progress reports, downloadable PDFs, Excel sheets and daily performance tallies.

How do I create a new project?

How do I add new data sets to current projects?

What does the Project Progress Bar tell me?

What is an Archived Project?

Setting Goals

How do I set a new goal?

a. To set a new goal, select Goals Tab > Create Goal.

b. Connect the Data Source that you want to set a goal for, as well as your appropriate project start and end-date.

c. Select your Goal Target and by how much.

d. Provide your Goal Name and description within designated description fields.

e. A green dotted goal line will be found within dashboard goal charts and goal reports.

How can I edit a goal?

How can I customize my Reports?

What does the Goals Progress Bar tell me?

What is an Archived Goal?

Generating Reports

How to generate individual category report?

How can I customize a goal report?

What is the Saved Report section?

How can I customize my reports?

Connecting Data Sources

How do I add a Data Source?

a. To connect a data source: go to Data Sources > Add Data Sources.

b. Select the Data Source that you would like to connect to Sunsett.

P.S: Make sure you follow the formatting instructions to add CSV.

How do I organize my CSVs?

How do I connect Google Analytics?

How do I connect my Eventbrite account?

Why can I not add another data source?

What are categories?